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  About Us

  •          Over the years Harishchandra Ramkali B.Ed. College has become a favourite destination for students. Here, talent meets guidance and is nurtured to
       the efflorescence for transforming aspirations into reality with an avowed aim of changing its young disciples into professionally expert, individuals and
       new generation citizens possessing ethical values and fervour for social responsibilities.

  •   Located in the serene surroundings of Uttarakhand, exhaling an aroma of tranquility and an ambience of peace and composure, Harishchandra Ramkali
     B.Ed. College instils the feelings of piety and spiritual mooring, which makes the denizens rooted to their grounds of cultural heritage.
     Its lush green landscape spread over 15 acres with sylvan backdrop makes its charm irresistible and bewitching.

        Established under the aegis of Harishchandra Ramkali Devi educational trust, Harishchandra Ramkali B.Ed. College has stood true to its vision
       and mission of imparting qualitative futuristic education, instilling high values and fostering growth.
       Its majestic architecture, panoramic view and world class infrastructure whisper a grand message into the ears of aspirants.
       At Harishchandra Ramkali B.Ed. College, the latent and potent qualities of students are given proper let out to find fullest growth after chiselling,
      redirecting and sublimating them to be broad based result oriented and ambitious professionals ready to face the challenges strategically with a global

       Harishchandra Ramkali B.Ed. College mode of imparting education is value based, well synthesised and ambitious. Here students enjoy multi ethnic,
      multi lingual and multicultural experiences. This gives them global exposure and makes them a truly global citizen.